Birth name: Tjalling Reitsma
Born: June 27, 1996 in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands
Origin: Franeker, Friesland, the Netherlands
Height: 1,74 cm
Genres: Electronic dance music
Occupation(s): Electronic dance music producer and DJ
Years active: 2009 – present
Labels: BringNewUnity, Exia Recordings, ReState Records, Vinstage, Verdana Music

Limitless. Boundless. Endless. This is the revolutionary Tjalling Reitsma.

Born on June 27, 1996 into a musically-gifted household, Tjalling developed a thirst for music at a very young age. At 12, he started experimenting with different sequences and programs, to create his first piece of music. It took a little while for the Dutchman to translate his ideas into sounds, but released his first original in the fall of 2013, and a seemingly nonstop string of singles and remixes would continue from there. He’s a true performer with an infinite passion for electronic music and knows how to market his music and himself. He has played in variety of venues and participated in various competitions and contest throughout the years and is always trying to give the crowd something they weren’t expecting. His creativity and art has continuously evolved, chiefly through an adventurous and courageous approach to music. To witness a set of Tjalling Reitsma, is to be blown away, to lose yourself completely into the music and be one with the people around you.